The 8th IEEE
Tokyo Young Researchers Workshop


For Excellent Presenters in Poster Session

Award Winners

Photos of award ceremony

TYRW Best Award
Takaaki Ooshima (Univ. of Chiba)
"Application of gel to green wall"

Outstanding Poster Presentation Award
Seiya Tsukahara (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
"A micro flow channel device to separate two different sizes of polystyrene beads"

Undergraduate Student Award
Yoichirou Kawashimo(Kanto Gakuin University)
"Casual Expression by AHOGE for Socializing with Robot"

Special Referee Award
Akihiro Itagaki (Univ. of Tsukuba)
"Horn Loudspeaker for Horizontal Omnidirectional Characteristics"

WIE Best Award
Yoko Norose (Univ. of Tsukuba)
"Defect detection in Square Billet Using Ultrasonic CT Method"

IIT Doctor Forum Best Award
Natsuki Matsunashi (Univ. of Tsukuba)
"Automatic Discrimination System for Swine Sneezing"

BDA Award
Takuto Yudasaka (Univ. of Tsukuba)
"Study on Modeling of Nonlinear Cymbals Allowed for Coupled Vibrational Modes"

Gurunavi Award
Masatsugu Tamura (Univ. of Chiba)
"Changes in compound content and tissue structure of rice grain during cooking"

Awards from our workshop

For the excellent presentations sharing the contents and dream with participants

TYRW Best Award(1 person)

This award is given to a presenter who present the best presentation and share the presentation with many participants and obtain sympathy with many participants. The winner shold be an IEEE member.

Outstanding Poster Presentation Award(1 person)

This award is given to a presenter who present an excellent presentation.

Undergraduate Student Award(1 person)

This award is given to a presenter who is an undergraduate student or a technical collage student and present an excellent presentation.

Special Referee Award(1 person)

This award is decided by participants using same review standards of the awards comittee. As extra prize, SONY Tablet S will be also given.

TYRW Inter-discipline Management Award

This award is given to a group in mini game that is held in social party. In the mini game, according to theme of our workshop, "Management of Your Research", including students, professors, and persons of sponsors, each group will try to figure out a novel business model through group discussion.

Supporter Award

We plan to give the following awards which is presented by the workshop supporter. The winners will be selected by each supporter's unique review standard.

WIE Best Award

This award will be given to one woman researcher whose presentation is considered as the best by all judges.

IIT Doctor Forum Best Award

Department of Intelligent Interaction Technologies (IIT) at University of Tsukuba set as our goal providing cross-cutting education and research involving such as mechanical engineering, electric and electronic engineering, information engineering and so on. This award will be given to an excellent cross-cutting researcher by IIT Doctor Forum. As extra prize, iPad2 will be also given.

Awards from sponsors

Sponsors plan to nominate some presenters. Each sponsor nominates one appropriate presenter from sponsor's own viewpoint.

Gurunavi Award

Blu-ray Disc Association Award(BDA Award)

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