The 9th IEEE
Tokyo Young Researchers Workshop

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To solve social problem that younger generation has become less interested in natural science such as math, physics, chemistry, and so on, it is much more required to provide the surroundings in which they can know the delight of science. For example, in case of sports, player interests the young in real time. It provides them the delight of sports, some young children become to have dream of being a great player. In case of science, how many chances do researchers have to interest the young generation in real time? Of course, some famous scientists can appeal them. However, this chance is greatly less than sports, and this situation is not enough.

As a way of improvement, our workshop try to make some oppotunities to pass on the delight of science to the younger students. We are going to visit some high schools, and explain the reason why the every commutee member have engaged own reseach. This event also include some professional persons as presentators. Through these events, we try to pass on the delight of science to younger students, and we hope these will help some of them become another researchers.

Our past activities is below this link (in Japanese).

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